The saying goes, "one man's junk is another man's treasure" and that is certainly the case for expert carpenter and collector Jay Chaikin. He makes a living scouring the nation for abandoned buildings that may hold unexpected "gems" of history with shockingly high values. Follow Jay and his buddies Dan and Mark across the country on their ongoing quest to find their next big paycheck. Along the way, they'll find classic items like Coca Cola memorabilia, an Edison phonograph, and a Zenith radio, as well as surprising discoveries like an early microwave oven and a top secret manual for a Boeing B-52 bomber.


Season 1.0

1. Maryland Grist Mill (2012-08-22)
2. Philadelphia AME Church (2012-08-22)
4. Maryland Silk Mill (2012-08-29)
5. Mississippi Homestead (2012-09-05)
6. Georgia Cotton Gin (2012-09-05)
8. Maine Paper Factory (2012-09-12)
9. New York Masonic Lodge (2012-09-19)
10. Connecticut Ghost Town (2012-09-19)
11. Hot Springs Hotel (2012-09-26)
12. Vermont Marble Factory (2012-09-26)
13. Scranton Lace Factory (2012-10-03)