Alaska Gold Diggers

SaraJane and her four daughters from Southern California pool their savings and head to Alaska in an attempt to reopen their deceased Grandfather's gold mines, one in Nome and another 500 miles away in Fairbanks. Working side by side with grizzled Alaskan mining crews, SJ and her daughters face everything Alaska has to offer, and then some. In a race against the season-ending winter, the women push to secure a return on their investment, as well as a renewal of their family legacy.


Season 1.0

1. Mining for Miners (2013-10-10)
2. The Honeymoon is Over (2013-10-17)
3. Mining for Miners Again (2013-10-24)
4. Mother Knows Best (2013-11-07)
5. Ice Ice Baby (2014-03-06)
6. The Final Haul (2014-03-06)